German deep discounters go big in America

Rummage sale

AMERICA’S economy is enjoying its third-longest period of uninterrupted expansion since the 1850s. So it is at first glance puzzling that Lidl, a German deep-discount chain whose sales soar when times are hard, is entering the market now. On June 15th Lidl opened nine stores in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Up to 90 more stores across the country are to follow within a year.

The move may be far-sighted, however. Lidl’s arch-rival, fellow-German discounter, Aldi, has been in America for four decades and has 1,600 stores across 35 states. It has had success not just among poor Americans but, increasingly, among the middle class, according to Bain, a consultancy. Aldi is preparing for an expansion: on June 12th it said it would add 900 more in the next five years, putting it third in the country by store count, behind Kroger and Walmart, America’s biggest retailer.

Unlike conventional supermarkets, which usually carry…Continue reading

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