The market for rare trainers

All star investments

WHEN Marty McFly donned his self-lacing Nike trainers in the distant future of 2015, he really should have kept them in the box. Almost 30 years on from “Back to the Future II”, Nike’s real-life version, released in 2016, is the most expensive training shoe on the planet, with an average resale price of $32,275. These rarest of shoes (only 89 pairs were made) are at the apex of a resale market that has been carefully nurtured by Nike and other trainer titans since the late 1980s.

Every Saturday morning across America, queues of “sneakerheads” form outside trainer shops. Many are adding to their hundred-pair collections, but the rest are seeking shoes to sell in the secondary market. As brands try to strike a balance between generating instant revenue and restricting supply (which creates demand, and more revenue later), the secondary trade thrives. In America it is worth an estimated $1.5bn a year, a tenth of the trainer…Continue reading

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