When flyers end up in the wrong cities

WHEN Gulliver’s fiancée was growing up in Jeffersonville, Indiana, her uncle came for a visit. But as his flight landed in Louisville, just across the Ohio River from Jeffersonville, he was fast asleep. And he remained in that state as the plane took off again. It was not until an hour later that he sheepishly called his relatives to inform them that he was 100 miles away in Cincinnati.

Was that the airline’s fault? Perhaps the flight attendants should have done a more forceful job of making sure every passenger, conscious or not, was aware of his arrival in Louisville. But one can hardly blame the airline more than one would a train conductor for a passenger’s missed stop.

Earlier this year, a Dutch teenager in search of adventure before starting college booked a flight to Sydney. On his layover in Toronto, he thought that the plane he was boarding seemed awfully small to take him 10,000 miles to Australia. But the flight was designated as Sydney-bound, so he got on board. It was only after takeoff,…Continue reading

from Business and finance http://www.economist.com/blogs/gulliver/2017/05/where-am-i?fsrc=rss


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