How worrying is the global market reaction to the American election?

IT HAS not yet been a week since Americans elected Donald Trump their next president, and already there is a lot to digest. While Mr Trump’s initial personnel decisions deserve plenty of scrutiny, the global market reaction to the election also demands attention.

This morning, the decline in bond prices that began last week continued. In America, the 10-year government bond yield rose above 2.26%, the highest level since the end of 2015, while the 30-year bond yield reached 3%. Treasuries are faring worse than many other bonds, however. Yields are going up nearly everywhere, but emerging markets and the euro-area periphery are experiencing especially large moves. (It is, as my colleague Buttonwood quipped on Twitter, a “Trump tantrum”.) What is happening here, and why?

The conventional wisdom is that markets are pricing in an expected move toward expansionary policy in America. Mr Trump is expected to cut taxes dramatically, increasing the American budget deficit, while also spending more on infrastructure and defence. That boost is coming at a time when America’s economy, while still…Continue reading

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