A Trump presidency probably spells bad news for America’s travel industry

OVER the weekend a United Airlines pilot was forced to leave his cockpit in order to mediate between fighting passengers, after a disagreement over the virtues of Donald Trump turned nasty. In today’s world that amounts to a non-story: people lose their senses on aircraft all the time. But it feels prescient to read that a Trump presidency is already disrupting travel. Many in the industry worry what effect his policies might have beyond an increase in the number of tetchy flyers.

So what will a Trump administration mean for American tourism? As with many things about the next four years, uncertainty abounds. Much will depend on the extent to which Mr Trump keeps his pre-presidential word.

Some of his pledges would clearly create problems for the industry. If he were, for example, to implement a ban on Muslims entering the United States—which he vowed to do on his first day in office, and which he could enact <a…Continue reading

from Business and finance http://www.economist.com/blogs/gulliver/2016/11/raising-drawbridge-0?fsrc=rss


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