Trump’s victory is the second major political shock for investors this year

FOR the second time this year, investors have been hit by a political shock: first, the Brexit referendum; now, Donald Trump’s election victory. And the reaction has been very similar; a knee-jerk sell-off followed by a pause to consider whether there might be some profitable opportunities after all.

As election night unfolded, markets moved pretty much as they had during the campaign when Mr Trump surged in the polls. Equities fell, Treasury bonds rose in price (causing yields to fall) and the Mexican peso took a battering. The futures contract on the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by more than 800 points at one stage. Asia followed suit with widespread declines: the Japanese stockmarket dropped by 4.6%. The Mexican peso dived to a new low of nearly 20.8 to the dollar. Gold gained ground, as if often does when investors are nervous.

But the nature of the financial markets is that sharp moves bring out the bargain-hunters. In this respect, the optimists were helped by a fairly emollient acceptance speech from Mr Trump and the very vagueness of his policy proposals. As Fathom Consulting, an economic research group, put it, “Trump…Continue reading

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